Sanitation Department

Garbage Collection begins on each work day at 5 a.m. Roll out carts should be placed out to curbside areas the night before each schedule day. Solid waste materials should be bagged and placed inside a city approved roll out cart. Roll out carts must be removed from the curbside once they have been serviced.

Curbside Debris is collected on the next business day after garbage collections. Curbside Debris consists of Brown & White Goods (i.e., mattress, box springs, sofa, chairs, hot water heater, washer, dryer and refrigerators – please remove door hinges from appliances. Yard Debris consists of leaves, small branches or limbs, shrubbery and brush.

Items Prohibited for Curbside Collections:

• Electronic Waste & Tires (i.e., TV’s, Computers, microwaves and residential/commercial tires)

• Construction & Remolding items (i.e., Windows, Doors, Bricks, Wood, Commodes, Sinks, Shingles)

• Fluorescent light bulbs

These items should be taken to the Georgetown County Recycle Convenience Centers (843) 545-3443. A citation can be issued to residents if these materials are not removed from City right of way.

The City does not provide Dumpsters and Roll-Off Containers.  Please contact a private dumpster carrier to obtain these services.

Backyard Services is provided to the elderly or disabled persons who are unable to bring their city authorized containers to the road due to a medical condition. A written documentation must be submitted from a physician indicating their condition in order to receive this service. This service is provided once a week by our sanitation crew.

We also make the necessary repairs and replacements of damaged, worn out garbage cans. This department also retrieves dead animals from curbs or roadway. Small Commercial businesses located in the Core Commercial Business District of Front Streets receives 7 days a week garbage service.

The Sanitation Department does not:

  • Remove dead or live animals from private property.
  • Our department is not responsible for the cleanliness of Garbage cans.

The Recycling program services Residential customers with the collection of recyclable goods that are placed in the city approved “blue” recycling containers.  This service is not provided to small commercial customers at this time.

What’s Recyclable: Auto Batteries (Place beside, not inside recycle bin), Glass & Plastic bottles, Aluminum and Steel cans (No Aerosoles), Flatted boxes, Paper includes newspaper, telephone books, bond/computer paper (no junk mail), Unwaxed Corrugated Board (No Cereal Boxes or soft drink cartons), Used Motor Oil – Tightly closed.

Paint cans and boxes should be placed with your regular Garbage pickup.

  • Paint, remove the lid and allow the paint to air dry (harden) completely. Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area away from children and pets. You can also add cat litter, shredded newspaper, saw dust or sand to the paint to speed up the drying process. Stir occasionally. Once the paint is completely dried, you can dispose of it with your household garbage.

Moving boxes, that cannot be flattened, should be placed neatly on the curb for a curbside pickup.

Pizza boxes are not considered recyclable and should be placed in your garbage container.

Fluorescent light bulbs should be taken to a recycling center.

ELECTRONIC WASTE: The City of Georgetown no longer collects electronic waste consisting of computers, televisions, microwaves or any other electric devices that plugs into an outlet area.

Please visit DHEC’s website for more information regarding electronic waste.


Locations Garbage Collections Recyclable Collection Debris Collection
Country Club Estates Mondays & Thursdays Thursdays Tuesdays & Fridays
Historic District Tuesdays & Fridays Tuesdays Mondays & Wednesdays
Maryville Mondays & Thursdays Wednesdays Tuesdays & Fridays
North of Highmarket Mondays & Thursdays Thursdays Tuesdays & Fridays
West End Tuesdays & Fridays Fridays Mondays & Wednesdays
Willowbank Tuesdays & Fridays Tuesdays Mondays & Wednesdays

**Due to weather, road conditions or Holidays, there may be days where the operators may be off schedule, we thank you for your patience as we try to get to every designated area in a timely fashion.

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