Public Works

The PUBLIC WORKS DIVISION promotes the general health, safety and comfort of its residents, small commercial customers and visitors with dedicated and excellent services.  Our department is comprised of two divisions:



Contact Personnel:
Tim Chatman – Public Works Manager – 843-545-4702

Howard Castle – Supervisor – 843-545-4707
Natrona Simmons – Office Manager – 843-545-4700

Office hours are from 8 am to 5pm, Monday – Friday.

To report emergency problems after 5pm, during weekends or holidays, please contact:

Howard Castle, Street or litter related issues – (843) 655-6365
Police Dispatch, All other issues – (843) 527-6763
Public Works Division Mailing Address
125 N Kaminski St PO Box 939
Georgetown, SC 29440 Georgetown, SC 29442
Phone: 843-545-4700
Facsimile: 843-520-0682


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