Hurricane Irma Preparations

Posted on: September 6th, 2017 by sabed

As the State prepares for a possible impact from Hurricane Irma, the City urges all of its residents to start instituting their own emergency plans.

• Residents should start cleaning up their outside property of loose debris. The City Public Works Department is currently trying to pick up as much loose debris around the City as possible.

• Stock up on perishable food and water, batteries, flash lights and medications.

• Have evacuation plans in place IF there is a mandatory evacuation. If told to evacuate, please remember to bring important documents with you such as your house deed/lease, utility bills and insurance (home & auto) to ensure access back into the City when safe.

• The City will be distributing sand bags beginning at 10 am on Friday, September 8th at the OLD CITY HALL BUILDING located at 120 N. Fraser Street * limited to City residents only- 6 sand bags per household

• The most current and accurate information as to what citizens should do will come from Georgetown County Emergency Management. City websites and social media outlets will be sharing the same information as it becomes available.

Evacuation Information