Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a seven-member advisory board whose members are appointed by City Council. The Commission holds public hearings on rezoning requests and proposed changes to the text of the Zoning Ordinance. They are tasked with making a recommendation to Council for each request. This board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month when necessary.

Chairman: Winfred Pieterse
Other board/committee members:

  • Vice Chair – Chris Moore
  • Gerald Williams
  • Brittany Johnson
  • Bernard Jones
  • Paul Smith
  • Joan Schmid

Download member application for Planning Commission

Meeting Dates: Fourth Tuesday of each month, 6:00 pm at Municipal Court.

Contact: Housing & Community Development Department
Phone: 843-545-4010
Fax: 843-545-4009


Rezoning Application
PC Meeting Calendar
2011 Comprehensive Plan  (we are currently working on the 2017 Comp Plan update)
Land Development Regulations

Approved Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

June 27 2017 PC Minutes0.6 MiB120
May 23 2017 PC Minutes0.4 MiB106
April 25 2017 PC Minutes0.3 MiB134
March 28 2017 PC Minutes0.4 MiB80
February 28 2017 PC Minutes0.5 MiB119
January 24 2017 PC Minutes0.5 MiB142
November 22 2016 PC Minutes0.2 MiB133