Architectural Review Board

The Architectural Review Board is a seven-member appointed board. This body reviews exterior renovations, new construction, signage and demolition in the City’s historic district. No building permit is issued for these activities within the historic district until the ARB issues a Certificate of Appropriateness. The historic district is bounded by Church Street to the north, the Sampit River to the south, Wood Street to the west and Meeting Street to the east.  The district encompasses residential, general commercial, core commercial, and waterfront commercial.

Chairperson: Kevin Jayroe
Other board/committee members:

  • Jerry Miller, Vice Chair
  • Sally Gillespie
  • Dwayne Vernon
  • Linda Abate
  • Lee Padgett
  • Debra Smalls

 application to serve on the ARB

Meeting Dates: First Monday of each month, 5:30 pm at Municipal Court. Due to holiday weeks, the Board meets on the 2nd Monday of the month.

Fee: $30.00 New Business, $15.00 Old Business

Contact: Housing & Community Development Department
Phone: 843-545-4010
Fax: 843-545-4009



Application for Certification of Appropriateness


ARB Meeting Calendar


ARB Agenda


ARB Design Guidelines Manual]


Approved ARB Meeting Minutes:

January 7 2019 ARB MInutes0.4 MiB15
December 3 2018 ARB Minutes0.3 MiB11
November 19 2018 ARB Special Meeting0.2 MiB11
November 5 2018 ARB Minutes0.3 MiB39
October 1 2018 ARB Minutes0.4 MiB75
September 24 2018 ARB Minutes0.3 MiB62
August 6 2018 ARB Minutes0.3 MiB88
July 9 2018 ARB Minutes0.3 MiB150
June 4 2018 ARB Minutes0.4 MiB416
May 7 2018 ARB Minutes0.3 MiB168
April 2 2018 ARB Minutes0.2 MiB165
March 19 2018 Onsite ARB Meeting Minutes0.2 MiB185
March 5 2018 ARB Minutes0.3 MiB186
February 5 2018 ARB Minutes0.2 MiB197
December 4 2017 ARB Minutes0.3 MiB216
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