This notice is to inform all residents and/or property owners that the City of Georgetown will be collecting Residential Recycling for the WESTEND AREAS on Thursday, December 31, 2015 due to the New Year’s Day Holiday Closing on Friday, January 1, 2016.
Please place your recycle bins for curbside collections on
Thursday, December 31, 2015.

Thank you and have a great and safe holiday season!
City of Georgetown
Public Works Department

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Recycle your Christmas Tree. Drop off at the lot on the corner of Front St. & Dozier across from City Hall. PLEASE REMOVE ALL LIGHTS AND ORNAMENTS. There is also a dropoff for electronic waste for old TVs and computers.#keepgeorgetownbeautiful #KGB ...

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Notice to City Water Customers

As part of the City of Georgetown’s effort to assure the quality of the water system, the City will be temporarily changing the treatment chemistry used to purify the water. The change is made to eliminate a build-up of harmless biofilm in the water lines. From February 1, 2016 until February 29, 2016, the city will stop the addition of ammonia at the Water Treatment Plant and disinfect with free chlorine. As a result you may detect a small change in the taste and smell of your water. We will resume adding ammonia on March 01, 2016 to the chlorine disinfectant at the treatment plant. If you have any questions about these changes, please call the Pam Gaddy with the City of Georgetown Water Treatment Plant at (843) 545-4511. We appreciate your understanding and support of this system maintenance process. Thank you.


Prelimiary DFIRM Community Coordination (PDCC) meeting

The City of Georgetown will host a public forum to discuss the revised flood maps, flood hazard information, ordinance adoption, and other frequently asked questions and concerns about the newly released Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) for Georgetown County.  This forum will take place on Tuesday, March 8, 2016 from 4 pm-7 pm in the City of Georgetown Council Chambers at City Hall.  There will also be another public forum for Pawley’s Island the following afternoon.  For more information please click and download the link below.


Preliminary New Flood Maps Now Available

Georgetown has just received the new Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) for review.  These are the first updates to the FIRMs since March 16, 1989 (yes, pre-Hugo).  Currently these new maps are PRELIMINARY and must go through a review and adoption process before they become official.  There will be a formal Preliminary DFIRM Community Coordination (PDCC) meeting to discuss the revised flood hazard information, ordinance adoption, and other frequently asked questions and concerns coming soon.  Click the link below to view a sample of the Preliminary Flood Map for the City of Georgetown.  Please contact us at the Housing & Community Development department with any question you may have.

Preliminary 2016 Flood Map

2015 Flood Insurance Study

Or click here to go to the FEMA website to view all Georgetown County Flood Map panels.

FAQ: Why does it take so long for the City to repair utility cuts in the street?

City crews are regularly having to make utility cuts into the street to repair broken water and sewer lines. Once the utility repair is made, City crews will backfill with the base material and pack the excavated area according to SCDOT regulations. The City may put down a cold asphalt patch (“blacktop repair”) as a temporary solution, but the permanent asphalt paving requires a hot asphalt mix. It can sometimes take months before the final asphalt paving. The reason for this delay is because of the way asphalt paving services operate.

The City request bids annually for asphalt paving services that includes all patching and small paving jobs of utility cuts. The closest hot asphalt plant to Georgetown is in Conway. Normally, the City’s contractor comes in once per month and permanently repairs all utility cuts based on the list that the City provides. The contract is let on a square foot basis, which means the contractor may skip a month to batch the work to make it more cost efficient for the City. Also, the asphalt plants do not operate during the cold months making it a seasonal business.  It is frustrating that it can take so long to get these street repairs complete, but the City is at the mercy of asphalt paving services. The City is always looking for ways to efficiently improve services.


CBA – Board Member Needed

The Housing & Community Development Department is looking for a citizens to serve on our Construction Board of Appeals (CBA).  The board members needed is one Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer.  Applicants should contact the Housing & Community Development Department at (843) 545-4010.  Please help the City of Georgetown by serving your community.