Resident Input Needed:

The City of Georgetown Electric Utility Department is about to begin a project to replace all street lights in the City with new lower energy, longer lasting LED light fixtures. This project will accomplish several things. LED lights use 40% to 60% less energy than existing lights, so when you consider that these lights are on all night every night, there will be considerable energy savings. LED lights are low maintenance lights and do not require bulb replacement every couple of years, providing additional savings. This project will also provide consistency with street lighting throughout the City, replacing a combination of different types of lighting and fixtures. The West End will be the area of initial focus on light replacements, but lights will replaced throughout the entire City over the next couple of years.

We are evaluating light fixtures from three different manufacturers and we would welcome your input. A small and a large fixture have been installed from each manufacturer. Small fixtures will be used in primarily residential areas, and large fixtures will be used in primarily commercial areas or areas where the traffic count is higher. Manufacturer #1 lights are labeled 1A and 1B (small and large, respectively). Manufacturer #2 lights are labeled 2A and 2B. Manufacturer #3 lights are labeled 3A and 3B. These six lights are installed along Merriman Road starting just north of Emmanuel Street and ending just south of Gilbert Street. A white sign with the number of each light has been attached to the pole where each light is installed.

After you have viewed the different lights, if you would like to provide input, please comment below and select a preference from the group of small lights (1A, 2A and 3A) and a preference from the group of large lights (1B, 2B and 3B).

Please be careful when looking at these lights and be mindful of traffic. Also remember that looking directly into any light source can cause discomfort. We appreciate your interest!

Closure of Northbound lane of Fraser Street- Saturday 11/18/2017

The right Northbound lane of Fraser Street from the Five Point Intersection to Wal-Mart will be closed this Saturday morning, 11/18/2017, from 7:00 am – 11:00 am for sidewalk cleaning.  

East Bay Street Closure

East Bay Street between the boat landing and Morgan Park will be closed next Tuesday, November 14th from 7 AM until 3 PM. Please see attached map.    This work is necessary for the installation of a storm drain pipe by the Contractor.  

Final Hotel Study Report by CBRE, INC

Please see the Final Hotel Study report conducted by CBRE, INC below: Georgetown Indigo Report    

Historic Guidelines Training

The consultants updating the Historic Guidelines will be conducting a training at the Municipal Court, 2222 Highmarket St. on Thursday, November 9th at 4:30 pm, with a public rollout following at 6 pm.   The public is encouraged to attend. Any questions or concerns please call (843)-545-4010.

Resolution Pertaining to Incentive Agreement for Downtown Hotel Passed

During the Special Meeting of City Council this afternoon, a Resolution to enter into an incentive agreement with Project Vista was passed unanimously. Click below to read the full Resolution:    

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